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Sustainable Development and Technologies National Programme of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences



Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Increasing the energy supply security through the efficient use of zero-carbon heat sources (geothermal heat, waste heat, solar heat, biomass decomposition heat) for heating and power production

Project leader:

Imre, R. Attila

Participating researchers:

Imre, R. Attila; Groniewsky, Axel; Kustán, Réka; Györke, Gábor; Sindu Daniarta; Szabados, György; Lévai, Emese; Cséfalvay, Edit; Kovács, Viktória; Csemány, Dávid; Szücs, Botond; Mayer, Martin; Kovács, Róbert; Szűcs, Mátyás; Fehér, Anna

The following topics are investigated: utilization of low-temperature heat sources for power production; waste heat recovery from engines and other equipment; environmental protection, life cycle analysis (LCA); heat pumps, utilization of heat sources for cooling and heating; utilization of solar thermal and industrial waste heat; integration of zero-carbon sources for power production; thermal storage and related problems.


Róbert Kovács Transient non-Fourier behavior of large surface bodies International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer, közlésre elfogadva
Martin János Mayer, Dazhi Yang, Balázs Szintai. Comparing global and regional downscaled NWP models for irradiance and photovoltaic power forecasting: ECMWF versus AROME Applied Energy, közlésre elfogadva
Axel Groniewsky, Réka Kustán and Attila R. Imre Simultaneous working fluid and expander selection method for reaching low-threshold technology Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) design Energy Science & Engineering, 11 (2023) 2330–2350, 2023